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MeiLong 3C 3x3x3 Stickerless Magic Puzzle Cube

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    SKU: ASM-00013
    • This MeiLong 3C 3x3x3 Stickerless Magic Puzzle Cube has anti-sticky, anti-pop design along with adjustable elasticity and environmental material.
    • The anti-sticky design in the contact areas makes the cube rid of a sticky feeling making the cube more smooth and easy to handle.
    • The internal mechanism of the cube is designed with big rounded holes.
    • This big hole design gives the cube a good corner cutting and smooth feeling.
    • Anti-pop feet on the edge pieces put the popping issue to an end.
    • Screws and springs inside the cube make the cube more adjustable.
    • You can get satisfying hand feels depending on your hand preferences.
    • In order to adjust the tension just open the center cap and adjust it as per your requirement.
    • The frosted surface design brings a good hand feel and makes you extra smooth while solving and avoids the scratches that generally occur on the sticker-less cube.

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