Why Children Need Educational Toys for Their Growth

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Why Children Need Educational Toys for Their Growth

Play-based learning is an important part of a child's development, according to study. Even though letting your child play frequently is great for families and aids in children using up some extra energy, a child learns about themselves via play from a young age. Even at a young age, a child's mind is already growing just from seeing and taking in their environment.

Through the use of educational toys, children can learn a range of skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Educational toys include those that teach kids about resolving conflicts, cause and effect, and problem-solving. Also, it encourages children's inventiveness, instils in them the value of sharing, and aids in the growth of their imagination, creativity, and fine and gross motor skills.

Learning toys can assist kids as young as one month old. Here is a list of excellent suggestions for age-appropriate educational toys, along with a summary of their benefits.

The following toys are recommended for your baby's first year:

12 to 24 months old: 

If your child turns one or older, they will start to become extremely mobile. Your child's curiosity will grow as a result of their increased mobility, and you can help teach balance and coordination by introducing them to age-appropriate toys. While your child is learning to walk, you can incorporate number learning by counting their steps. Even if they do not fully comprehend the concepts at this stage, this will help them become more comfortable with them.

Themed playsets are great educational toys to present to your child between the ages of 12 and 18 months since they help them develop their recognition skills. Practice the noises that each animal makes, for instance, if your playset has an animal theme. By focusing on color and form names, this will also help with language development.

Between the ages of one and two, the following toys can help your child reach new milestones: 

Your child can learn name recognition and emergent literacy skills from games and books. With the help of these toys, your child will be able to see what they are hearing and vice versa. Your youngster could learn to associate a picture of a dog with the sound a dog makes, for instance, by reading a book about dogs and seeing pictures of dogs. Your child can learn about the meaning of words by reading books with colour illustrations and a few words on each page.


Children's toys that promote learning and development are essential tools. They are designed to include children in admirable pursuits that they enjoy and that enhance their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional capacities. The development of creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities is crucial for success in school and beyond and can be supported by educational toys. For more Educational Toys for Kids, go to www.clickere.in.

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