Little Millet - சாமை

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Little Millet - சாமை

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    Little millet is a hulled grain, which means that it has an outer covering like in paddy rice that must be removed to get the edible grain, which is called little millet rice.

    The millet with bran intact is unpolished little millet rice and if polished is called polished little millet rice.
    The prime reason behind the popularity of little millet rice is its rich nutrition content.

    It is popular among farmers because of its short growing season and fairly robust nature making it pest resistant and climate resilient.

    It has a fairly long history in the Indian kitchens and cuisines.

    It has a slightly toasted flavor with nutty undertones.

    The raw unpolished little millet rice is round and a has a beige or dirty white colour.

    Samai (as it is called in Tamil) or little millet has high nutritional value and is a must-have grain in a balanced diet.

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